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Welcome to Casa Milos – unique accommodations in Alonissos!

About Alonissos

Alonnisos is an unspoilt island of virgin beauty, offering to the visitor a gentle, slow-paced lifestyle. It is the quietest of Sporades Islands with numerous beaches with transparent and rejuvenating waters. It is covered with vibrant green pineforests and olive groves. Breathtaking sea views, tranquility and amazingly beautiful natural landscapes will mesmerize you.
The island is surrounded by a number of islands that compose the largest marine park in Europe, providing an ecosystem to a range of marine species such as the rare and endangered Mediterranean monk seals (monachus monachus).
Alonnisos offers simplicity, harmony, clean air, warm hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere.

About Casa Milos – unique accommodations in Alonissos

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We are Julia, from Brazil and Dimitris, from Greece. We are in love with Alonissos and we have founded “Casa Milos” to be able to share the magic of the Island with people coming from all over the world. When I (Julia) first visited Alonnisos, I was captivated by the natural beauty of the island and peaceful surroundings. I felt safe and inspired, and decided to stay.

It was only two years later that I met Dimitris, who has been visiting the island since his childhood. His family owned the old Windmill since the 70’s. As we both shared the same passion Alonnisos, it meant so much to us to bring back to the community an icon of the island.

We rebuilt the old Windmill and created unique residences, on very privileged spots in the island, where our guests can experience truly authentic hospitality in amazing natural surroundings.

We offer 6 different options of self-catering accommodations, along with the Windmill (Milos). If you are looking for a holiday house in Alonissos, you are welcome to stay with us. Check the different houses here.

The Windmill (Milos)


The Windmill, Milos in Greek, is one of the most iconic emblems of the island. Located on the top of the Old Town, it holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Alonnisos. Built in 1850, it played a vital role in the local community, by providing flour for the local residents, as well as by being the gathering spot for all festivities taking place in the island. The Windmill stood out by bringing life to the island.

A unique stay

Respectful of the local traditional architecture and the natural beauty of the landscape, “Casa Milos” invites you to ease up and enjoy a truly authentic experience of harmony.

Built out of stone, on the top of the Old Town, and surrounded by a circular terrace, the Windmill, offers a 360° view over the Aegean Sea and natural air-conditioning, due to numerous windows across all floors. The magnificent sea view and the ample natural light will make you feel at home.

Check availability for staying at the Windmill here.


The Old Windmill belonged to our family since the early 70’s. Locals would be telling stories of the “Milos” (meaning Windmill in Greek) for years. We knew how much it meant to the history and life of the island, and were eager to bring it to life once again.

In 2015 we launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to restore the Windmill and create a unique place of stay for visitors who seek for an experience out of the ordinary. Supported by many local and foreign individuals who got inspired by our personal dream, the Windmill was restored, and three stone Chalets were also built in an olive grove looking over the Aegean Sea. “Casa Milos” came to life!

The collaborative support

With the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign we renovated the Windmill and finalized the Stone Chalets in 2015.
This is the video of the campaign ran in Brazil in July 2015.

Before and After the renovation

More than 100 people supported the renovation and finalization projects.
In this video you can see images of the "before and after" the renovation and finalization.